All Aboard… Cry Me a River of Stars

It’s About…

General Tao Junran, as he investigates barge-owner Li Fan, whom he suspects to have ties with the survivors from an enemy country.

Luo Zheng and Huang Riying in "Cry Me a River of Stars"

I Like…

The male lead played by Luo Zheng. I was worried that he’d be the usual toxic alpha male, but I was wrong. In fact, he’s usually very fair and impartial, be it with the female lead or in his work.

And I have to admit that I really like his unconventional beauty. His face is really unique, and while his costume certainly looks nothing but cheap, the costume department really knew what they were doing when they put him in black. (Those cheekbones, everyone. Those cheekbones!)

The supernatural elements are also interesting, although I feel like I already figured out most of the secrets, but…

Luo Zheng in "Cry Me a River of Stars"

I Don’t Like…

The female lead, which is a huge disappointment for me because I love actress Huang Riying. It’s like she’s determined to show another fault in every episode. She’s already proven herself as fake, hypocritical, greedy, selfish… It’s not so in your face that it’s unbearable, but enough to prevent from getting attached to her… and also to think that she doesn’t deserve Tao Junran.

On top of that, not even halfway through episode 3, she’d already had to be rescued 3 times, and it only took 10 more minutes for the dashing magistrate to be forced to intervene once more. Is it really too much to ask for a competent female lead? (Please help me, I’m so tired.)

Huang Riying in "Cry Me a River of Stars"

Keep Watching?

I will survive! For the sake of the cheekbones and the righteousness, I will survive.

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