All Aboard… Breaking Dawn

It’s About…

An undercover cop, Zhang Chen (Ryota) and a former special forces officer (Yang Shi Ze) who must team up to take down a drug lord called The Poison King.

I Like…

The sheer potential, and the characters. They both have their traumas and issues, and I really look forward to their growth as friends (they’re lovers in the novel, but you know…) and partners.

I Don’t Like…

The subtitles. The show is available only on IQIYI with subtitles, but they’re machine-generated, so half of it is completely incoherent. I’m having so much trouble following what’s going on, which is terrible in a cop show where nuances are everything.

I also feel that, for an ex-special forces officer lauded for his skills, Guo Yang really isn’t that tough. Maybe it’s his PTSD, or the fact that he’s been out of the game for 2 years? I don’t know.

Keep Watching?

I’m not sure, at this point. Probably, but I might drop it later if I get fed up with the subtitles. Then again, it’s only 24 episodes, so we’ll see.

Where to Watch Breaking Dawn?

On IQIYI (first two episodes are free, the others are for VIPs).

What about you? Are you watching it already? Are you planning on starting it? Let me know in the comments!

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